• Deeper Mining Of Proteomics Data Using Artificial Intelligence

    Dec 09 | Bio-IT World | Advances in mass spectrometry, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography, and bioinformatics have transformed proteomics research in recent years. The growing power of these technologies has contributed to the widespread application of bottom-up proteomics strategies, based on the characterization of proteins by analysis of peptides released through proteolytic digestion. However, challenges in proteomics data analysis remain, with traditional search strategies limiting the ability to fully interpret data. More
  • Data Product Thinking: Bayer Builds Products with Users in Mind

    Dec 08 | Bio-IT World | Last month at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Europe, Alexandra Grebe de Barron, senior data product owner, digital transformation & IT, introduced the audience to Bayer’s Real-World Data Store, a human- and machine-friendly self-service shop that facilitates real-world evidence generation across the life-long patient pathway. More
  • Efforts Now Underway To Operationalize Exposomics

    Dec 06 | Bio-IT World | Truly implementing precision medicine requires that environmental exposures be factored into the equation. Mayo Clinic’s recent Individualizing Medicine Conference focused on exploring the exposome, the sum of external factors a person is exposed to across a lifetime. More
  • Digital Accessibility in the Life Sciences: Why Everyone Benefits from an Inclusive Industry

    Dec 02 | Bio-IT World | As digital transformation in the life sciences industry continues, the user experiences (UX) of researchers and scientists interacting with technology and data is coming under closer scrutiny. One area where attention is needed is the role of UX in improving digital accessibility. Better UX for all users will drive innovation, helping to make connections between data and accelerating collaboration. More
  • IBM’s Quantum Computing Apps to Cure Disease, Nanofluidics Technology Controls Remote Drug Delivery in Space, More

    Nov 30 | Bio-IT World | An artificial intelligence-based framework that assesses the effectiveness of novel cancer therapies in real time; three new AI-rare disease partnerships; a cross-border federated network of national genome collections for biomedical research and personalized medicine solutions; multi-scale precision cardiology platforms and heart-on-a-chip technology aimed at developing the infrastructure for a digital replica of an individual’s heart; and more. More
  • Follow the Money: Quantum Computer-Based AI for Drug Discovery, Insilico Medicine’s Multidisciplinary Drug Discovery Platform, More

    Nov 29 | Bio-IT World | Funding for first-in-class peptide-drug conjugate for tumor cells, gene delivery research and development, next-generation orthopedic products, and more. More
  • Overcoming ‘Analysis Paralysis’ in Cell Painting With Artificial Intelligence

    Nov 25 | Bio-IT World | Gone are the days of only measuring single parameters in cell-based experiments. When researchers widen their focus, the end result is an abundant collection of information about the cellular response to perturbations—all nestled within colorful high-content images. More
  • Atomic Changes: Reshaping our Data Journey in Small Steps

    Nov 22 | Bio-IT World | Stan Gloss, founder of BioTeam, recently sat down with Mike Tarselli, Chief Scientific Officer at TetraScience, to chat about data for Bio-IT World’s Trends from the Trenches podcast and explore the most recent trends in how the life sciences is talking about and thinking about data. More
  • Clinical Exposomics Emerging As A Foundation For Precision Medicine

    Nov 17 | Bio-IT World | High-resolution mass spectrometry methods are in principle “good enough” to put into clinics everywhere to measure low-abundance environmental chemicals and start cataloguing individual exposures. With a focus on the “exposome"—the measure of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime and how those exposures relate to health—healthcare professionals are examining clinical exposomics as a foundation for precision medicine. More
  • Repository For Neuroimaging Data To Facilitate Cross-Disciplinary Research

    Nov 16 | Bio-IT World | Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University (Montreal, Canada) have created an open-source database, called “neuromaps,” housing more than 40 of the uncountably high number of brain maps in existence. The brain maps selected for aggregation were those thought to be most useful to the neuroimaging research community in contextualizing their results against structural and functional phenotypes. More
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