• Ambitious IDMP Standards Leave Little Breathing Space

    Jul 19 | Bio-IT World | The EMA’s Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) standards continues to require significant effort from biopharmas trying to keep up. IDMP was developed to ensure the exchange of reliable medicinal information by providing standard definitions for how companies define and describe products. More
  • AstraZeneca, Tempus Collaborate on AI Project for Cost Effective Industry R&D

    Jul 17 | Bio-IT World | With the rising costs of pharmaceutical industry R&D, achieving breakthroughs in some of the hardest-to-treat diseases, such as cancer, is becoming increasingly expensive. This presents a major challenge to developers in bringing efficient, affordable treatments to patients. AstraZeneca and Tempus teamed up to create a framework that can gather insights, discover novel drug targets, and aim to develop therapeutics for the broader oncology community. More
  • At Harvard, Scientists Partner with AI Using the Language of Proteins

    Jul 16 | Bio-IT World | Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new frontier in biomedical research, with large language models changing the way science is done from writing code and brainstorming research ideas to helping do research and conducting literature reviews. In some of its latest applications, generative AI has been used in designing molecules with insights produced at a scale and speed not possible with traditional deep learning methods alone. More
  • How Large Language Model-Based AI Will Transform Drug Safety & Regulatory Processes

    Jul 12 | Bio-IT World | Training and validating intelligent automation systems for life sciences R&D purposes can undermine the business case. But the large language models (LLMs) used to power Generative AI (GenAI) is changing that and bolstering compliance, enabling on-the-fly data discovery, “in context” learning, and narrative extrapolation. More
  • New Biomarker Offers Hope of Detecting Alzheimer's in Asymptomatic Stages

    Jul 10 | Bio-IT World | Until recently, all the available therapeutic options for treating Alzheimer’s disease were designed to reduce symptoms rather than address causes of the disease. But with two beta-amyloid antibodies now approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and tau-targeting agents in clinical trials, hopes are rising that Alzheimer’s progression can be delayed if not stopped. More
  • Illumina Acquires Fluent BioSciences Single-Cell Technology

    Jul 09 | Bio-IT World | Illumina has acquired Fluent BioSciences, developer of an emerging and highly differentiated single-cell technology. Fluent Biosciences is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Illumina and was acquired with cash on hand. More
  • Regeneron Uses Voice-to-Text for Science-First Data Digitization Efforts for Animal Research

    Jul 09 | Bio-IT World | When Regeneron began exploring how to digitize scientific information in lab environments, IT engineers didn’t begin by brainstorming their own ideas. They began by shadowing scientists. More
  • Building On Biotech Confidence With Strategic R&D

    Jul 01 | Bio-IT World | The biotech sector has weathered some recent headwinds in the funding market but is marked by a general air of confidence as we come to close the first quarter of 2024. This confidence was noted in our recent survey of over 130 decision makers in biotech companies, where we found that despite challenging conditions, 87% of respondents reported at least some confidence and 38% were very confident in the overall success of their product. More
  • Follow the Money: Foresite Capital Invests in Groundbreaking Tech, Synthesizing Therapeutic Cytokines, More

    Jun 27 | Bio-IT World | Foresite Capital launches new fund for groundbreaking technologies, ranging from novel therapeutics to companies at the intersection of technology and biotechnology; Bright Peak Therapeutics intends to advance platform that allows for the conjugation of its enhanced cytokines as payloads to certain antibodies, creating novel and proprietary “Bright Peak Immunocytokines”; more. More
  • Illumina Appoints New CCO, Launches New Software Version, PacBio Launches Free HiFi Long-Read Variant Frequency Database, More

    Jun 26 | Bio-IT World | Illumina has appointed Everett Cunningham as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and has also announced the launch of DRAGEN v4.3, the latest version of its DRAGEN software; PacBio, in collaboration with the international Consortium for Long-Read Sequencing (CoLoRS), announced the launch of the first publicly available and free HiFi long-read variant frequency database with global representation; more. More
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