Lead Generation - Podcasts:

Why a Lead Generation Podcast?

What is different about using podcast as a lead generation tool, is it is an “on-demand” medium, so it can be accessed at any time, meaning that people do not have to give up 45 minutes for a webinar and they can listening while working and or doing other tasks.

Podcasts are making a come back, 112 Americans listened to a podcast in, and is up 11% from 2016. Podcast consumption has been substantially more common among Americans under the age of 25 since the advent of the medium. Until now. For the first time, a larger percentage of 25 to 54 year-olds listen to podcasts monthly than any other age group. 1

What is included in a Lead Generation Podcast?

  • Includes a phone recorded Q&A with one of our editors and a representative from your organization lasting approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Suggested topics around a new technology, new product release, viewpoint, case study etc. – something that will engage the audience.
  • Target your audience with our database of over 800k life science contacts.
  • The podcast will be promoted for 90 days, and you will receive a minimum of 100 targeted leads for your sales team.
  • Receive weekly client reports.
  • Podcasts are promoted through dedicated promotion, newsletters and social media.
  • You will be provided the link to the podcast for your marketing efforts following the 90 days as a sale tool that proficiently addresses key deliverables offered by your industry solutions.
  • Podcasts are most effective in a series, so ask about multiple podcast pricing!

Click here to download our Media Kit. Or for more information contact Patricia Rose, Sr. Business Development Manager, at prose@healthtech.com or 781-972-1349

1: The 11 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2017; www.convinceandconvert.com/podcast-research/the-11-critical-podcast-statistics-of-2017

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