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Bio-ITWorld.com, Weekly Update newsletter and News Bulletins cover the application of informatics, IT and computer science in biomedical research and drug discovery. As the life sciences become an increasingly quantitative discipline, Bio-IT World provides topical news coverage and analysis of cutting-edge technologies to handle the data deluge in petascale computing and the tools to deliver individualized medicine.

Areas of regular coverage:

  • Next-generation sequencing, consumer genomics, personalized medicine, patient stratification
  • IT infrastructure: cloud computing, high‑performance computing
  • Discovery informatics: collection, analysis and workflows of compound, microarray, proteomic, imaging, pre-clinical and clinical data
  • Computational modeling: biosimulations of pathways, drug action, clinical data
  • Systems biology: gene, protein, metabolite and network/ pathway information
  • Cheminformatics: structure-based drug design
  • Compound characterization: mechanisms, pathway ADME-Tox, selectivity
  • Predictiveness: in vitro assays, biomarkers, animal models
  • Correlation of biological data: disease diagnosis, patient selection, drug response
  • Target data: biological, pathway, interaction, patent, family
  • Text mining: internal documents and published literature
  • Semantic web: next-generation data sharing, social networking
  • Clinical Trials: electronic data capture, trial design, trends, regulatory issues

Recurring Features and Columns

First Base: Bio-IT World editorial column.
Inside the Box: The BioTeam covers life science IT integration, computation, and informatics.
Skeptical Outsider: Bill Frezza, a Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a Bostonbased venture capitalist, critiques drug discovery with an outsider’s perspective.
News and Product Briefs: A monthly roundup of new products and news briefs in the life sciences.

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Editorial Director

Deb BorfitzDeb Borfitz
Senior Science Writer